8:00 am
Coffee & Networking

8:40 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Collin Sutt Consultant, American Contractors Insurance Group

The War for Talent

8:50 am Fireside Chat: How to Create a Positive People Culture With a Commitment to Excellence to Realize Every Employee’s Full Potential


  • Discussing where to find new qualified individuals in a constant war for talent
  • Creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for young talent to progress through training
  • Ensuring every employee has a clear and compelling progression plan to enhance retention

9:20 am Tools of the Trade: A Practical Approach to Workforce Planning in Construction


  • An introduction to Workforce Planning Software with purpose in construction and key market trends
  • Approaches and Features with an overview of different software types and must-have features for construction
  • Evaluating Software Solutions including criteria for selection (cost, ease of use, integration) and steps for a streamlined evaluation

9:50 am
Morning Refreshments & Networking

Track 1
Building Your Strategy for Operational Excellence
Track Chair: Collin Sutt

The Right People for the Right Role

10:20 am Discover:Creating Effective Leadership Development Programs to Support Long-Term Corporate Growth


  • Ensuring credibility and commitment of your business to the growth of its employees
  • Discussing the leadership skills and attributes you need from your people to excel personally and professionally
  • Creating fast-track leadership development programs for rising stars in the firm: How do we identify these people and effectively on-board them to the program?
  • Fostering a culture of self-improvement and empowering your people to seek out further training and development

10:50 am Develop:Ensuring Clarity of Career Progression to Improve Employee Retention & Satisfaction

  • Kim Brown Chief People Officer, NOX Group Companies
  • Emily Rosen Senior Operational Excellence Manager, RES Ltd
  • David Maser Director of Operational Excellence, IMC Construction Inc.
  • Claire Claybon Operational Excellence Manager, RES Group Inc.


  • Reviewing the areas of your business that commonly have most uncertainty in progression to know where to target first
  • Working with managers to effectively use review systems to connect employees to their growth in the business
  • Creating stronger connections between L+D and functional management to ensure consistent review of systems

11:30 am Action:Engaging the Whole Labor Force With Effective Communication


Using the takeaways from the previous sessions to build more understanding for effective communication throughout the whole business. Developing on ideas for new possible implementations.

Track 2
Achieving Project Excellence
Track Chair: Heather Ormonde

Creating High Efficiency on Projects

10:20 am Discover:Enhancing Scheduling Best Practices Across All Project Teams to Ensure Consistency in On Time Delivery, Every Time


  • Educating field teams on the importance of scheduling and their role in reducing backlog and miscommunication
  • Using advanced visualization tools to make the schedule easily accessible to all
  • Working with teams to use the schedule as a tool not only for effective projects but also time management and self-regulation in the day-to-day

10:50 am Develop:Developing Effective Standards of Practice to Increase Consistency of Delivery Across All Departments & Projects

  • Mike Steacy Senior Project Manager, PCL Construction
  • David Tutwiler Director of Technology, South Western Communications
  • Jason Jansen Director of Field Operations, MCL Construction
  • Ruben Thunder Planning & Scheduling Manager, PCL Construction
  • Eric Jones Vice President Operations, South Western Communications


  • Understanding what collaborative operating procedures are most effective to eliminate functional silos
  • Creating a centralised system of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to create cohesiveness whilst balancing necessary variation

11:30 am Action:Identifying the Most Impactful Project Inefficiencies to Support Operational Excellence


Developing conversations on project management from earlier sessions to highlight opportunities to grow your companies operational excellence.

12:00 pm
Lunch & Networking

Organizational Effectiveness for Business Excellence

1:00 pm Discover:Ensuring Organizational Effectiveness Through the Effective Deployment of Work Across Senior Management Layers


  • Understanding how effective role allocation contributes to more organizational and workforce harmony
  • Aligning all departments to avoid duplicated jobs or gaps in roles
  • Reducing the backlog of workload without adding additional stress to employees

1:30 pm Develop:Ensuring Effective Knowledge Transfer Across All Staff to Retain Your Competitive Advantage


  • Developing a culture of learning from each other regardless of position
  • Creating channels for communicating feedback to develop all new recruits and the entire organization
  • Utilizing an intelligent knowledge management solution to retain project knowledge and transfer established best practices to new employees

2:00 pm Action:Ensuring Continuous Development & Learning on Your Journey to Operational Excellence


Discussing how to build your playbook for continuous improvement using new knowledge obtained from the previous talks.

Applying Lean Principles for Project Excellence

1:00 pm Discover:Maximising the Benefits of System Updates to Construction Management Platforms

  • Elizabeth Fox Tech Implementation Manager, Barton Malow Company
  • Ashlyn Harris Virtual Design & Construction Project Solutions Manager, Barton Malow Company


  • Creating a pipeline of updates to stagger introduction of change to teams
  • Maintaining continuous training to ensure all workers are using the system updates correctly and effectively
  • Tracking progress of individual workers learning and development to enhance the support given

1:30 pm Develop:Reinforcing Lean Principles Across All Employees, Top to Bottom, to Ensure Project Excellence


  • Developing employee understanding of Lean principles
  • Creating effective training practices so that all employees understand Lean principles
  • Discussing the most effective Lean practices to introduce to the fields first, and how to scale this as your teams become more comfortable

2:00 pm Action:Creating the Best Working Environments to Get the Most Out of Project Teams


Discussing takeaways from earlier sessions to apply possible changes to ensure improved and ultimate working environments for all employees.

2:30 pm
Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

The Future of Operational Excellence

3:30 pm Panel: What Are Your Future Operational Excellence Practice Plans & How Will They Roll Out?

  • Jenny Bredt VP Operational Excellence, RES Ltd
  • David Maser Director of Operational Excellence, IMC Construction Inc.
  • Steve Levy Chief Operating Officer, McCownGordon Construction LLC


  • Addressing ideas and possibilities to maximize success of operational excellence
  • Discussing roll out and what that could look like for different companies of different sizes
  • Building on previous gaps and mistakes to ensure correct prioritisation of change

4:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Collin Sutt Consultant, American Contractors Insurance Group

4:45 pm Close of Conference