Janelle Pogodzinski

Janelle Pogodzinski

Company: J F Brennan Co.

Job title: CHCO


Develop:Ensuring Effective Knowledge Transfer Across All Staff to Retain Your Competitive Advantage 1:30 pm

Developing a culture of learning from each other regardless of position Creating channels for communicating feedback to develop all new recruits and the entire organization Utilizing an intelligent knowledge management solution to retain project knowledge and transfer established best practices to new employeesRead more

day: Day Two Track 1 PM

Fireside Chat: How to Create a Positive People Culture With a Commitment to Excellence to Realize Every Employee’s Full Potential 8:50 am

Discussing where to find new qualified individuals in a constant war for talent Creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for young talent to progress through training Ensuring every employee has a clear and compelling progression plan to enhance retentionRead more

day: Day Two

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