About Event

Why attend Advancing Construction Operational Excellence?

Advancing Construction Operational Excellence is the only event in North America focused on achieving Operational Excellence in construction.

Delivered by and for operational leaders from the most successful contractors, we are committed to giving you the tools you need to create a holistic Operational Excellence playbook.

Join us next year and discover how to:

Align strategic goals with your company’s mission statement and establish a culture of continuous improvement to empower employees to adopt an operational excellence mindset

Build a training, personal development and leadership program to consolidate and sustain your operational excellence objectives at every level

Develop a robust data analytics strategy to enable greater corporate level insights, minimize departmental silos, and improve the efficiency of workflows

Understand client goals and priorities to exceed expectations and build long-term relationships

Hear real-life case studies from industry disruptors who have leveraged prefabrication, lean methodologies and innovative technologies to stay ahead of the curve and remain agile during a period of intense volatility

Benchmark best practices to enable firmwide process improvement organization-wide and measure the success of your processes to determine what’s most effective

Are you ready to achieve Operational Excellence? Download the 2022 Full Event Guide here to see what you missed last year.