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Why attend Advancing Construction Operational Excellence?

The 2nd annual Advancing Construction Operational Excellence will gather senior leaders to focus on strategically driving organizational effectiveness by leveraging data, breaking down departmental silos and placing continuous improvement at the heart of your company culture.

After a year that has caused more disruption than ever before, it is critical that we unite to benchmark tools, strategies and best practices to enhance our organizations’ culture, processes and systems, improving profitability, efficiency and company-wide collaboration.

We are committed to creating a network and discussion forum for corporate executives and senior leaders. Discussion will focus on:

  • Connecting data, silos, and operating systems with advanced data analytics to benchmark business performance and make impactful, proactive cross-departmental improvements
  • Driving enterprise wide engagement with continuous improvement strategies initiatives
  • Developing the metrics and tools to track performance improvement and determine how effectively your teams are actually embracing change
  • Enhancing organizational effectiveness to align strategic, tactical and operational decision making
  • Achieving more effective sharing of knowledge to sustain corporate agility and evolution
  • Creating an agile environment to be able to adopt more disruptive technologies, while managing immense amounts of change
  • Benchmarking lessons learned from changed working conditions in 2020 to inform future digital connectivity

This is the only event for the construction industry dedicated to strategic business change that could transform your operating efficiencies for years to come. Walk away with the tools to recession proof your business, take Lean concepts to the enterprise level and create an agile environment for your team to step ahead of the curve in the race for contractor excellence.

Advancing Construction


About Advancing Construction

Founded in 2015, Advancing Construction is a series of niche conferences uniting the AECO community. Our mission is to enable dedicated conversations to benchmark best practice, share lessons learned and accelerate the adoption of emerging technology in the area of your expertise. We are here to help you deliver projects on time, on budget and on scope.


3000+ individuals will attend an Advancing Construction conference in 2020 83/100 Top ENR firms have already attended an Advancing Construction conference


What Makes Advancing Construction Unique?

Led by the AECO Community

The speaker faculty and audience for each event is dominated by contractors, owners and design firms. Our focus is on sharing real world case studies, how others have ‘done it’ and the lessons they learned along the way. We limit the role of vendors to ensure these presentations are prioritized.

Professionally Researched Agendas

Before we invite a single speaker, we conduct lengthy research calls with industry practitioners to understand your needs and painpoints. Building on the real-life experiences of you and your teams, we develop an agenda that directly tackles the root causes. This ensures every presentation aligns with your learning needs.

Detail Through Niche Focus

Each of our events is restricted to a niche focus, often aligned to a specific job function or industry trend. This ensures that we have the time to dig deeper and discuss the details that you need to hear.

Targeted Networking

As our events are designed around a niche audience with a specific challenge, and are intimately sized, attendees are enabled to develop much deeper relationships with peers, often forming career-long friendships and partnerships which would never have  occurred at a large expo.

You can find a list of our events at www.hansonwade.com/construction