Advancing Construction Operational Excellence is focused on strategically driving organizational effectiveness by breaking down departmental silos, leveraging data and placing continuous improvement at the heart of your company culture.

Connecting Senior Operations, Performance and Business Leaders harnessing disruptive innovation to develop the tools, strategies and best practices for sharing knowledge and managing change that will improve profitability, efficiency, people development, and consistently deliver best value to your clients.

Highlights include:

  • Influence your entire workforce to strive for Business Excellence with the right culture, ownership, and awareness of the wider business impact of all their actions
  • Improve transparency and communication of your company mission to enhance organizational effectiveness and align strategic, tactical and operational decision making
  • Achieve effective sharing of knowledge and lessons learned to ensure continuous improvement of Playbooks that will ensure your company stays agile for years to come
  • Develop the metrics and tools to track performance improvement and determine how effectively your teams are actually embracing change
  • Connect your data, silos, and operating systems to benchmark business performance and make impactful, proactive cross-departmental improvements
  • Create an agile environment to be able to adopt more disruptive technologies, while managing immense amounts of change

Download your Onsite Event Guide here to view the complete agenda and companies speaking.

"This was a very exciting conference and I found a tremendous amount of useful, practical information and tools that can be put into use almost immediately as a result."

LeChase Construction

"[This is] one of the best, well organized, highly informative seminars of my entire career."

Crescent Communities

"Incredible. It was a wealth of information that brought new light and motivation into my job."

Gilbane Building Company

"This conference was very informative. It really grabbed my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat. I know where we stand and what I can do as a contractor to make sure I stay ahead of the curve."

Price Electric