Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Workshop A | Tuesday February 23

8.00 PST | 11.00 EST

Arming Your Team With Advanced Work Planning Tools to Maximize Productivity & Efficiency Throughout the Project Lifecycle

It’s no secret that construction is an industry plagued by reactive decision making and learned behaviors of ‘that’s just the way it’s always been done’. However, this often means that time is not set aside for efficient planning of time or collation of best practices to optimize the way all our people work, that could ultimately accelerate your progression to becoming a Contractor of Excellence.

Therefore, this workshop will take a deep-dive into:

• Building set time into project workflows to more consistently prioritize effective planning of work and allocation of resource

• Harnessing insights of the entire team to set strong collective milestones and objectives that will dictate value at every stage of the project

•Discovering innovative work planning tools and strategies being leveraged by the highest performing construction teams to increase their productivity: How can you effectively adopt these with your own teams?

• Understanding key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to understand the impacts of poor work planning on your teams, and identify the highest performing teams to inform the improvement of workflows across all projects

Workshop Leaders:

Doug Dulin

Doug Dulin
Senior Director of Integrated Lean Project Delivery
The Boldt Company

Jason Schulist, Vice President - Operational Excellence, The Boldt Company

Jason Schulist
Vice President - Operational Excellence
The Boldt Company

Workshop B | Tuesday February 23

10.30 PST | 1.30 EST

Determining How Strategic Integration of Lean Principles &
Initiatives Can Significantly Improve Enterprise Excellence 

Lean is a common concept leveraged by teams to achieve project efficiency. But becoming a lean organization and truly understanding what it takes to take Lean concepts to the enterprise level is much more difficult – yet something that can create the agile environment your company needs to step ahead of the curve in the race for contractor excellence.

Attend this workshop to:

• Demystify the founding principles and core tenets of a lean organization to inform the basis of your Operational Excellence strategy: How can we  break through the buzzword to ensure all employees know what it means to truly harness lean ways of working?

• Understand how lean tools and principles can be harnessed by all staff and leadership to implement problem solving, decision making, and test
inefficiencies in their day to day tasks: How can we choose the right tools for our organization?

• Scale up the adoption of Lean: Learning how to seamlessly incorporate enterprise wide adoption of lean techniques so that productivity is  optimized not only across all projects, but all business initiatives

Workshop Leader

Perry Thompson, National Lean Executive Director, Parsons Electric

Perry Thompson
National Lean Executive Director
Parsons Electric