7:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Creating Your Operational Excellence Strategy

8:00 am Aligning Strategic Goals With Your Company Mission Statement to Reinforce Your ‘Why’ & Secure Buy-In to Operational Excellence


• Establishing the fundamentals of Operational Excellence through the integration of continuous improvement with people, process and technology

• Identifying and communicating the ‘why’ for your Operational Excellence strategy and how these align with your company’s mission and goals

• Discovering what needs to change to solidify your values into the grassroots of your organization and ensure your employees adopt an Operational Excellence mindset

8:40 am Developing Departmental & Individual Goals That Clearly Reinforce Strategic Objectives

  • Adam Hoots Director of Operational Excellence, Langston Construction Company


• Approaching strategic planning with all executive leaders in the room to ensure goals set are balanced, achievable, and synergy is created to filter down through your organization

• Creating a system for effective target setting that aligns company, departmental and individual goals, and ensures every employee plays an active role in defining how they will contribute to the overall company mission

• Ensuring consistent monitoring and feedback of progress to goals, both individually and company-wide, to recognize the contribution every member of the team is making to Business Excellence

9:20 am
Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

10:00 am Panel: Benchmarking Different Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Operational Strategic Initiatives & Lead to Certainty of Outcome

  • Amy Jones Director of Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking Services, Skanska
  • Jason Schulist Vice President – Operational Excellence, The Boldt Company
  • Alison Hart Project Solutions Manager, Mortenson
  • Daniel Smolilo Director of Process & Innovation, The Walsh Group


• Determining what metrics should be used to track which new processes and strategies are working

• Continuously tracking results to inform decisions on process improvement

• Improving the visibility and transparency of metrics so employees can determine how to optimize their performance and drive behavioral change

• Helping employees understand what data means to them to create a data-centric culture

10:40 am Getting Ahead of Industry Trends to Optimize Current & Future Growth


• Identifying and focusing on stable markets that align with core strengths and competencies to recognize opportunities for future growth and expansion

• Understanding what’s best for the customer to improve the efficiency of our processes and ultimately improve their processes

• Recognizing challenges as opportunities and tapping into creativity and innovation in this current working environment to push the industry forward

Improving Organizational Effectiveness

11:20 am Panel: Investing in People, Learning & Development to Upskill Employees & Enable Operational Excellence at Every Level

  • Adam Hoots Director of Operational Excellence, Langston Construction Company
  • Lisa Leighton Director of Operational Excellence, Ryan Companies
  • Suhas Mengale Vice President – Director of Growth, AECOM
  • Daniel Reynolds Executive Vice President, Gilbane Building Company


• Building a program to educate, train, mentor and guide workers without negatively impacting their ability to get the job done

• Establishing cross-departmental training to give employees the tools they need to do specific tasks without the help of other departments

• Determining what the best strategy and messaging is to employees when positions created by growth cannot be filled internally

• Developing the next generation leaders: How can we bring up future leaders to sustain the continuous improvement mindset?

12:00 pm
Lunch Break

1:00 pm Audience Discussion: Becoming a Strong & Respected Leader to Empower Employees to Think With a Continuous Improvement Mindset


• Exploring how strong leadership and leading by example can align anorganization and reinforce the principles of continuous improvement

• Communicating with employees regularly and recognizing their success to increase motivation

• Evaluating what tasks and decision-making can be delegated to middle  management to ensure you are focused on the most important leadership tasks and empowering your employees

1:40 pm Integrating Departments to Streamline the End-to-End Construction Workflow & Reduce Company Silos

  • Lisa Leighton Director of Operational Excellence, Ryan Companies


• Understanding how Operational Excellence breaks down departmental divisions and encourages staff to view themselves as part of a single value stream

• Assessing points of fragmentation across departments to identify opportunities for cross-functional integration

• Driving collaboration and an open-office environment to share information with other departments and provide cross-functional support

• Evaluating the common items that fall through the gaps during departmental handoffs and how these can be streamlined to ensure nothing gets missed

2:20 pm
Afternoon Refreshments

Driving Organizational Change

3:00 pm Panel: Establishing a Culture of Knowledge Sharing & Continuous Improvement to Achieve Exceptional Business Results


• Fostering a culture of trust to promote the acceptance of mistakes and sharing lessons learned to reflect onpersonal and team performance, and create space for learning and improvement

• Celebrating team diversity and leveraging shared values to provide different perspectives and solutions

• Rewarding employees for sharing feedback and proposing new ideas to incentivize innovation

• Empowering employees to incorporate positive changes stop reinventing the wheel on processes and projects

3:40 pm Case Study: Discovering How to Effectively Manage Change When Transitioning to a Technology-Driven Organization


• Understanding why and how businesses are transitioning to be data and technology driven

• Creating a corporate innovation strategy to improve the adoption and testing of technologies based on core internal challenges

• Identifying company coaches and change agents that will engage in new behaviors and spearhead process improvement

4:20 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:30 pm End of Day One