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8:00 am Chair’s Welcome

Harnessing Data to Inform Strategic Improvement

8:10 am Investigating How to Harness Advanced Analytics for Corporate Performance Measurement & Preventative Action


• Defining your advanced analytics strategy and determining which KPI’s are the most useful to understand operational inefficiencies across all teams
• Revealing how to collate and meaningfully analyze corporate performance data to inform executive decision-making
• Transforming complex metrics into easily digestible information which can be scaled and harnessed by all company leadership to measure performance and identify the most effective enterprise wide adjustments

8:40 am Establishing a System to Effectively Track & Utilize Real Time Project Data to Identify & Eliminate Process Inefficiencies

  • Morgan Traynor Senior Director of Operational Excellence, Ryan Companies


• Establishing effective real-time data capture and collation from the job to ensure teams have the right data at the right time to fast-track process improvement changes
• Creating holistic project dashboards to begin identifying trends in project failures and better understand the impact of each team member in reinforcing these inefficiencies
• Discovering how ‘lagging indicators’ can be transformed into ‘leading indicators’ to ensure teams get ahead of potential problems before they happen

9:10 am Live Q&A with Speakers

9:20 am Maximizing Resource Planning to Drive Operational Efficiency and Workforce Effectiveness


  • Reflecting on 2020: Assess industry organizational inefficiencies and discover where to prioritize  operational excellence in the future
  • Strategic insight from Rogers-O’Brien into how to optimize construction workforce planning across organizations to enhance business and project results
  • Looking forward to 2021: Overview of operations trends in construction

9:50 am Panel: Establishing a Culture of Data-Driven Decision Making to Ensure Employees Consistently Improve Operational Efficiencies

  • Seth Cheever Director of Operational Excellence, Stiles Construction
  • Markku Allison Vice President - Strategy & Innovation , Chandos Construction
  • Michael Lang Vice President – Execution & Strategy, Arc Energy Strategy


• Understanding how your employees are currently using data and ensuring every employee has the tools and understanding to improve their own efficiencies
• Ensuring clear communication and reinforcement of the value of data-driven decision making at every level
• Exploring real world examples where incorporating data into day to day decision making has maximized employee productivity in the field
• Creating a robust checklist to methodically assess the efficiency of business wide process’ so that all
groups are able to pinpoint and categorize the legacy processes most in need of improvement

Aligning Operational Excellence Goals With Client Priorities

10:20 am Break & Speed Networking


Grab a quick cup of coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into this exclusive virtual speed networking! This session is the ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face and establish meaningful business relationships.

11:00 am The Future of Construction Project Management


Over the last decade the construction industry has been through a rapid pace of change, with the whole supply chain starting to digitize critical processes and workflows alongside the relentless use of emerging technologies across the jobsite. With new technology and innovative practices becoming the norm, what does the future of construction project management — and more importantly, the project manager — look like? This session will explore how digital processes are improving the way we work, walk through the upcoming technologies to be aware of, and how you can include these in your company road-map to prepare for the future, while not neglecting the need to provide scalable solutions to improve business outcomes today.

11:30 am Understanding Client Priorities to Inform Our Journey to Excellence

  • Hamzah Shanbari Construction Technology & Innovation Leader, The Haskell Company


• Revealing how teams can more effectively understand changing client priorities and ‘read between the lines’ to identify opportunities to excel: What questions can truly reveal your clients’ specific priorities outside of what’s written in the RFP?
• Understanding how to design products and services according to what your customers truly want: How can client feedback be harnessed to inform strategic plans, training, and wider project delivery?
• Underlining the impact employee behavior and misalignment of internal teams has on client dissatisfaction and relating this to the bottom-line metrics of your workforce so that they always go out of their way to deliver excellent customer service

12:10 pm Audience Discussion: Defining, Collating & Disseminating Best Practices Company-Wide to Ensure Large-Scale Process Improvement to Achieve Business Results

  • Ashley Phelps Senior Manager of Strategic Sourcing, Gilbane Building
  • Michael Burnaz Vice President - Construction & Development, Swift Real Estate Partners


Grab a quick cup of tea or coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into a digital
audience discussion. This audience discussion will allow you to compare your business’ approach gathering and disseminating best practices from your projects – from establishing an effective process to collect lessons learned, to the best place to store and share your playbook, to effectively resourcing consistent playbook updates. Ensure you don’t reinvent the wheel and walk away with the understanding of which approaches work and which don’t so that you can build the best structures for your company’s project advancement.

12:40 pm Breaking Down Silos & Creating a Single Workflow Across AEC Functions to Set-up for Excellence in the Field


• Discovering how to methodically break down and integrate silos across AEC groups to create more collaborative project teams and accelerate productivity
• Visualizing a single AEC workflow to give your people a clear understanding of the interdependency of actions, and how they can personally contribute to improvements in overall project efficiency
• Connecting your data, silos, and operating systems to give employees the tools to more effectively communicate and integrate new ways of working
• Reviewing the most difficult silos that exist across the AEC workflow and how you can effectively overcome them

1:20 pm Break & Refresh

1:40 pm Panel: Revealing How to Embrace Digital Tools to Optimize Jobsite Productivity & Safety in the New Normal

  • Alison Hart Manager of Project Solutions , Mortenson
  • Steven Levy Senior Vice President - Construction Operations, McCownGordon Construction
  • Jose Rivera Director of Operational Excellence , Stiles Construction
  • Matthew Bishop Chief Operating Officer, OLO Builders
  • Adam Hoots VP of Construction & Development , Langston Construction Company


• Discovering the most effective tools for facilitating remote jobsite management and maintaining connectivity and alignment of the entire project team
• Identifying support functions and processes that historically took place on the jobsite but have proven to be effectively facilitated remotely, and actually improve overall long-term operating efficiencies in the field
• Leveraging the new normal to encourage adoption of new workflows, justify the ROI for new tools, and solidify the utilization of remote tools in the field more quickly and efficiently

2:10 pm Case Study: Building & Maintaining a Strong Company Culture Which Motivates Your Employees to Maintain Collaborative Working, Remotely


• Underlining the key initiatives put in place at the start of the pandemic to maintain a collaborative and productive culture despite increased physical distance: What worked, what didn’t and why?
• Quickly establishing new tools and processes to reflect organizational changes and ensure teams enhance communication while working remotely
• Reinforcing the need for full transparency and additional effort from team leaders to address the emotional and psychological challenges of working remotely: How has this actually strengthened our culture in the last year?

2:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:00 pm End of Day One