8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Collin Sutt Performance Excellence & Quality Consultant, ASQ DCD, American Contractors Insurance Group

Building Your Operational Excellence Strategy

8:10 am Developing Your Data Analytics Strategy to Become a True Business Intelligence Organization

  • Tomislav Zigo CTO / Vice President, Clayco Construction Company


  • Creating more data-driven roles in your company to successfully adapt towards a more data-driven market
  • Investigating where more data-driven approaches would best suit your company to minimize disruption of already functional processes
  • Understanding how data can translate to discovery of operational inefficiencies to effectively utilize it and achieve operational excellence

8:50 am Panel: Connecting with Senior Leadership on the Benefits of Operational Excellence to Secure Buy-In to Resources & Processes

  • Andrew Ahrendt Director - Integrated Construction Services & Manufacturing Business Unit, PCL Construction
  • Steve Levy Chief Operating Officer, McCownGordon Construction LLC
  • Michael Beadle Vice President - Operational Excellence, Ryan Co. US, Inc.
  • Jose Rivera Director - Operational Excellence, Quality Assurance & Quality Control Manager, Stiles Inc.
  • Juanita Frankfurth Director - Operational Excellence, The Boldt Company


  • Approaching strategic planning with all executive leaders in the room to build and execute operational excellence strategy and goals
  • Devising the most effective solutions across departments and throughout management that will result in the highest ROI
  • Tackling the pushback from senior management on updating policies and processes when there’s a ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ mentality

10:00 am
Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

10:40 am Audience Discussion: Assessing Your Firm’s Operational Excellence Goals to Implement the Most Effective Strategy


  • Discovering the most inefficient areas of your business to correctly prioritize the direction of your strategy
  • Investigating how your current operational excellence strategy filters through your company to discover existing silos
  • Learning how to accurately and effectively collaborate across departments to equip your firm with the tools to constantly evaluate and remove waste from your processes

11:20 am Establishing a Top-Down, Bottom-Up Operational Excellence Strategy to Ensure Every Employee Has an Operational Excellence Mindset


  • Transferring day-to-day operational excellence decision-making to every employee to free up time for senior management to focus on overarching strategy and identification of new trends
  • Equipping field workers with operational excellence training to provide them with knowledge on executing lean processes, continuous improvement, and process improvement
  • Rolling out new processes effectively to minimize additional workloads and prevent employees from losing motivation

12:00 pm
Lunch Break

Strategizing Operational Excellence

Empowering Employees Through Cultural Change

1:00 pm Incentivizing Employees to Embrace New Processes & Technologies to Support Firmwide Innovation

  • Kris Wahl Innovation Project Manager, Turner Construction Company


  • Allowing employees to volunteer in operational excellence programs so they feel a part of the process and not just a guest in it
  • Encouraging innovation from employees to achieve operational excellence, so employees have a vested interest in watching new processes succeed
  • Discussing methods for incentivizing employees to bring issues to the table and test new processes and frameworks to solve these issues

1:40 pm Nurturing a Culture of Sharing Lessons Learned to Build the Knowledge Cycle for Continuous Improvement

  • Katie Coulson Senior Vice President - Account Manager, Skanska Inc.


  • Creating a culture of collaboratively recovering from errors to foster an environment of transparency and a team-wide effort to learn from mistakes
  • Devising solutions to disjointed access to ‘lessons learned’ so workers on different projects and departments don’t make the same mistakes
  • Creating a database of case studies so employees have something to turn to in order to rectify errors

2:20 pm Case Study: Investing in a Lean Champion Program to Equip Every Employee With the Tools They Need to Utilize Lean in the Workplace


  • Providing comprehensive education on how your company functions so employees can understand why their role is meaningful
  • Creating a mentorship system so employees can ask questions and have a deeper connection to upwards mobility within the company
  • Aligning hearts and hands on projects to connect team members to the overall goal of a project

Executing Operational Excellence

Achieving Project Excellence

1:00 pm Building a Resilient Supply Chain During Times of Uncertainty to Mitigate Delays & Shorten Lead Times


  • Driving early procurement and incorporating a contingency plan to prepare for unexpected delays
  • Collaborating with all contractors, designers, clients and suppliers from the outset of a project to better understand schedule expectations
  • Sharing best practices with trades and suppliers to mitigate market volatility and supply chain issues ahead of time

1:40 pm How Construction Leaders are Prioritizing Process Automation in 2023 & Saving Over $80,000 Annually


  • The current digital landscape and the roadmap for technology in the construction industry
  • How construction leaders are transforming their organizations with resilient and efficient process automation
  • Expert advice on how to support growth in your organization in 2023

2:20 pm Panel: Driving Project Team Collaboration to Align All Project Partners on Goals & Expectations

  • Katie Wells Vice President - Project Delivery, Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Michael Burnaz Vice President - Construction & Development, Swift Real Estate Partners
  • David Zorrilla Director - Virtual Design & Construction, McCarthy Building Companies Inc
  • Justin Lamb General Manager, Fluor


  • Improving communication with clients to handle their requested changes to a project with minimal setbacks
  • Working with design teams to track actual progress and proactively handle unforeseen alterations to minimize disruption on projects
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration between general contractors and trades to align on clients’ goals and project processes
  • Utilizing a collaborative close out process to capture lessons learned for future and ongoing projects

3:00 pm Prioritizing Quality & Safety on the Jobsite: How Can We Equate Safety & Quality to Schedules & Budgets?

  • Rodd Weber Director - Corporate Safety & Quality, The PENTA Building Group


  • Making more robust quality and safety procedures to account for inexperienced workers and compressed schedules increasing the risk on a project
  • Creating highly effective safety education to successfully limit accidents in the field
  • Driving an effective quality culture and mindset to ensure QA/QC processes are adhered to on every project

3:10 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Strategizing Operational Excellence

Driving Cross-Functional Collaboration

3:40 pm Case Study: Optimizing Communication Across Departments to Minimize Duplicated Work & Maximize Cross-Functional Integration

  • Alex Belkofer Virtual Design & Construction Manager, Messer Construction Co.


  • Understanding how departments can better collaborate to minimize knock on disruption to workflows in the face of change
  • Discussing best practices for aligning roles and responsibilities across departments to abolish fractured project execution and streamline handovers
  • Revealing how to establish a connected data stream between departments to create a single source of truth for project data

4:30 pm Improving Alignment Between Senior Management & the Field to Ensure Coherent Strategy & Project Delivery

  • Adam Hoots Lean Shepherd, ConstructionACHEsolutions


  • Creating transparency on senior leadership roles and workloads so employees in the field aren’t alienated from office workers
  • Establishing a feedback channel between executives and field employees so senior leadership can ensure field employees feel valued and motivated in their roles
  • Improving on-site environments to better field employees’ engagement in their work

Executing Operational Excellence

Optimizing Project Performance

3:40 pm Establishing a System to Effectively Track & Utilize Real-Time Project Data to Identify & Eliminate Process Inefficiencies

  • Carl McFarland Sr Vice President | Managing Director, Big-D Construction


  • Devising a process that will lead to increased accuracy of data collection to inform project decision-making
  • Standardizing how data is collected across your firm to streamline progress tracking on every project
  • Integrating data streams between project partners to create a cohesive picture of the schedule and cost

4:30 pm Case Study: Implementing a Production Planning & Tracking System at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center ($2B) to Inform Workforce Planning

  • Kevin Wanner VDC Project Manager, Turner Construction Company


  • Using predictive analytics to proactively prevent obstacles occurring and measure project performance
  • Digesting the information from dashboards to transform it into a clear picture on the progress of your project for clients
  • Building your workforce planning strategy from the data collected to inform the project’s resources

5:10 pm End of Conference Day One

  • Collin Sutt Performance Excellence & Quality Consultant, ASQ DCD, American Contractors Insurance Group