Michael Beadle

Michael Beadle

Company: Ryan Co. US, Inc.

Job title: Vice President - Operational Excellence


Panel: Creating & Distributing a Centralized Learning & Development Process to Support Career Opportunities & Better Define Career Paths 10:40 am

Involving different levels of management in the learning and development curriculum to create comprehensive resources for upwards mobility Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of employees when they enter a new role so they can be upskilled effectively and accordingly Investing in a feedback loop to ensure continuous improvement within learning and development Creating clearly defined…Read more

day: Day Two Track A

Investing in Learning & Development to Equip Every Employee With the Tools They Need to Effectively Carry Out Tasks 10:00 am

Devising a learning and development program that is suited to train employees whilst they are working on projects in the field, so they can be continually upskilled Providing baseline standardized training for all employees to reduce diverging regional practices Creating a centralized information resource for hard skills to accommodate a rise in field employees with…Read more

day: Day Two Track A

Panel: Connecting with Senior Leadership on the Benefits of Operational Excellence to Secure Buy-In to Resources & Processes 8:50 am

Approaching strategic planning with all executive leaders in the room to build and execute operational excellence strategy and goals Devising the most effective solutions across departments and throughout management that will result in the highest ROI Tackling the pushback from senior management on updating policies and processes when there’s a ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t…Read more

day: Day One

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