Lisa Leighton

Lisa Leighton

Company: Ryan Co. US, Inc.

Job title: Director, Operational Excellence


Highlighting the Biggest Operational Inefficiencies to Inform Process Improvement Decisions 10:00 am

Investigating the ‘why, what, and how’ that makes your workflow function as it does to identify the root issues that need process improvement Looking at the eight wastes of lean to guide your process improvement strategy so you can maximize the amount of unnecessary waste eliminated Working to remove rather than add to your current…Read more

day: Day Two Track B

Panel: Breaking Through the Noise of a Crowded Technology Market to Identify the Best Solutions for Your Organization 8:00 am

Creating a corporate innovation strategy to improve the adoption of technologies based on interoperability and core internal challenges Giving employees the freedom to test what technologies work for them to reduce rolling out new technology that slows down processes Creating a resource on best practices with software to mitigate confusion and reduce incorrect usage when…Read more

day: Day Two

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