Carl McFarland

Carl McFarland

Company: Big-D Construction

Job title: Senior Vice President & Managing Director


Establishing a System to Effectively Track & Utilize Real-Time Project Data to Identify & Eliminate Process Inefficiencies 3:30 pm

Devising a process that will lead to increased accuracy of data collection to inform project decision-making Standardizing how data is collected across your firm to streamline progress tracking on every project Integrating data streams between project partners to create a cohesive picture of the schedule and costRead more

day: Day One Track B PM

Workshop D: Managing the People Impact of Scaling Your Firm: How Can Inexperienced Staff Impede Organizational Growth & What Needs to Change to Prevent This From Happening? 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

With organizational growth inevitably comes people growth, and whilst this is good for your organization it comes with an additional set of challenges. People growth can lead to employees being promoted above their skillset, impacting a company’s effectiveness. Join us in this workshop to tackle how to minimize job title escalation, and in cases where…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

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