Workshop D: Managing the People Impact of Scaling Your Firm: How Can Inexperienced Staff Impede Organizational Growth & What Needs to Change to Prevent This From Happening?

Time: 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
day: Pre-Conference Day


With organizational growth inevitably comes people growth, and whilst this is good for your organization it comes with an additional set of challenges. People growth can lead to employees being promoted above their skillset, impacting a company’s effectiveness. Join us in this workshop to tackle how to minimize job title escalation, and in cases where it’s unavoidable, create processes to limit the negative impact it can have on your operations and projects.

  • Balancing career opportunities with current employees’ skillsets to promote from within where possible, whilst ensuring they have the experience and skills required to execute their role effectively
  • Formulating company policies that reduce the need to promote inexperienced employees seeking promotion ahead of their skill and experience level
  • Minimizing the negative impact of job title escalation when it’s unavoidable: What additional training should be provided when employees take on a new role before they are ready?