Using Technology to Solve Your Greatest Unknown — Labor Costs

Time: 9:00 am
day: Day One


Hear from industry professionals on how technology can help your business take care of your greatest asset — your people. Discover what better workforce management looks like and how construction software can help you gain clarity and visibility into your entire workforce. Take advantage of this opportunity and tackle your greatest unknown expense — labor costs.

  • Gain clarity by understanding what workforce management means in the construction industry and how technology can help.
  • Identify and understand how your company is practicing workforce management today and how you can adopt innovative technology to unlock new efficiencies.
  • Learn how to implement a proven framework that helps contractors identify the right person (who should be involved), right place (where the work needs to be done), and right time (when it needs to be completed).
  • Understand how contractors have gained alignment, visibility and labor budget accountability through practicing workforce management while keeping their profit margins.