Business Executives Focus Day


Workshop A

10:00 am Creating Your Strategy for Operational Excellence: What Are the Possible Approaches & How Can I Choose the Right Path for My Organization?


  • Understanding the core foundational elements that need to be in place within your company to build momentum with change
  • Reviewing different ways Operational Excellence initiatives can be successfully implemented within organizations and the degree of impact this will have on time, resource, and rate of success according to level of investment
  • Revealing how to kick start your journey: How can I figure out what Operational Excellence means for my company and translate that into an actionable plan with meaningful goals for every level
  • Mapping out the step-by-step process of translating this into a solid business plan, with long and short term goals for success
Workshop Leaders
Alex Gururajan, Operations & Transformation Leader, Hayley & Aldrich
Meredith Hargreaves, Senior Lean Practitioner, Hayley & Aldrich  

Workshop B

1:00 pm Breaking Down Barriers Between Departments to Achieve Organizational Effectiveness & Get the Whole Company Working Towards a Common Mission


  • Harnessing value stream mapping to fully understand the current operating system and organizational drivers: How can we identify existing commonalities and barriers to alignment that need attention?
  • Establishing a common language and data dictionary to promote collaboration between departments and achieve a culture of support and create cross-functional KPIs
  • Overcoming true organizational barriers to change, such as recognizing internal lead times and the true cost impact of decision making, that can help nurture a development mindset and operational clarity for better decision making in line with company-wide goals
  • Ensuring executive leadership of Operating and Business Services groups fully support cross-functional integration and give every department a clear strategy for achieving the business mission, in alignment with one another

Workshop Leaders
Michael McLin, Managing Director,Maxim Consulting
Rusty Sturgeon,
Process Development Manager, Sequoyah Electric

Workshop C

3:30 pm Leveraging Design Thinking to Deliver Best Value to Your Customers on Every Project


  • Developing effective customer feedback methodology to understand client thinking
  • Understanding how to design products and services according to what your customers truly want: How can client feedback be harnessed to inform strategic plans, training, and wider project delivery?
  • Ensuring all team members keep customer value front of mind and have the best tools and systems to communicate and consistently deliver excellent customer service
  • Utilizing the psychology of change and customer discovery to align with customer unique value propositions and select the right tools to be most effective on each project

Workshop Leader
Randee Herrin, Senior Vice President, TDIndustries
Morgan Fountain, Process Improvement Manager, TDIndustries