7:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks: What is Operational Excellence?

  • Steven Levy Senior Vice President - Operations , McCownGordon Construction

Embedding the Drive for Excellence Throughout Your Organization

8:10 am Cementing Excellence as a Core Company Value: How Can You Make Continuous Improvement an Organic Process from the C-Suite Through to New Hires?


  • Understanding the value being created for your organization through innovative thinking and how this can be demonstrated to make continuous improvement everyone’s responsibility
  • Revealing effective tools and techniques that can be used to motivate people and empower everyone within the business to take ownership over their personal development
  • Creating change agents within your organization to champion development and innovation and make sure that initiatives remain front of mind, despite the day to day rush to get the job done

8:50 am Panel: Ensuring Every Employee Has the Tools & Skill Set to Be a Change Agent


  • The Butterfly Effect: Understanding how leaders can encourage staff to keep the impact of their actions on wider business efficiency front of mind rather than what is most convenient to them
  • Understanding how lean tools and principles can be harnessed as ways for field staff and leadership to implement problem solving, decision making, and test inefficiencies in their day to day tasks: How can we choose the right tools for our organization?
  • Benchmarking best practices to train continuous improvement techniques to all staff that improves employee ownership over self-improvement

9:30 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

10:10 am Placing the Needs of Your Employees at the Heart of Your Business Strategy to Ensure a Grassroots Movement Towards Operational Excellence

  • Troy Ochoa Vice President - Solar Construction , Wanzek Construction


  • Underlining the importance of understanding the needs of your employees to inform strategic goals and enhance employee engagement
  • Benchmarking best practices for understanding your employee’s priorities and frustrations as internal customers to identify the most impactful opportunities for change and truly make a difference to your productivity
  • Establishing internal channels for employees to submit ideas for improving knowledge sharing throughout all levels of the organization

10:50 am Developing Departmental & Individual Goals with Strategic Objectives in Mind to Align Strategic, Operational & Tactical Decision Making Across the Organization


  • Approaching strategic planning with all executive leaders in the room to ensure goals set are balanced, achievable, and synergy is created up front to filter down through your organization
  • Communicating the company mission in a clear, consistent manner to the wider business to ensure that everyone understands the core aims and their potential impact on the wider business
  • Creating a system for effective target setting that aligns company, departmental and individual goals, and ensures every employee plays an active role in defining how they will contribute to the overall company mission
  • Ensuring consistent monitoring and feedback of progress to goals, both individually and company-wide, to recognize the contribution every member of the team is making to Business Excellence

Creating the Framework to Maintain Your Initiatives

11:30 am Exploring the Role of Upper Management in Maintaining the Right Culture: What Support & Resource Needs to Be Put in Place to Maximize Success?


  • ‘Change is not easy’: Understanding the expected timeline for culture change and the consistent support necessary to ensure continuous improvement becomes a core company value
  • Highlighting the role of a dedicated Operational Excellence Team in successfully implementing and maintaining business transformation, and how can they can truly add value to the organization
  • Exploring alternative resources and investment that can effectively tackle operational inefficiencies, and ensure your organization continues to grow organically

12:10 pm Lunch Break

1:00 pm How We Kick Started Our Operational Excellence Strategy: What Were the Foundations, Roadblocks & Enablers That Set Us on the Road to Success?


  • Outlining the process of defining our company goals and breaking down long-term objectives to make change manageable for our organization
  • Analyzing key principles and approaches from process improvement in a leading healthcare organization and transferring best practices to design and construction to form the basis of our program
  • Revealing how we began implementing this within the organization and scaled our company culture through our construction partners to the boots on the ground
  • Discussing the roadblocks in the early stages of implementation how we are overcoming these to maintain momentum with change

1:40 pm Bringing Your Organizational Goals onto Projects Through Enhancing Collaboration with Project Partners & Creating Allies on the Road to Construction Excellence

  • Robert Penney National Director of Continuous Improvement , Skanska


  • Benchmarking best practices for quickly and efficiently securing trust and transparency with new teams and formalizing effective modes of communication to maximize collaboration across the project lifecycle
  • Identifying what motivates each partner upfront to better define what best value looks like and establish a common language to ensure alignment throughout the project: How can we make sure every project partner is engaged and held accountable to delivering best value?
  • Harnessing value stream mapping to understand how technology is being used on your project, and tackle integrations up front to best streamline knowledge and information sharing

2:20 pm The Labor Gap, Millennials & Becoming a Contractor of Tomorrow: Effectively Onboarding the Right People in the Right Way for Sustained Growth



This breakout session will give you the opportunity to benchmark approaches with
peers and brainstorm improvements across people strategy, training, onboarding
and retention.

  • Developing effective onboarding training practices to address why we do what we do and ensure all employees commit to the company mission from day one
  • Communicating the opportunity and growth in all career paths within the business to motivate the younger generation to strive for leadership and development, and see their personal impact on company success: How can HR teams support commitment, consistency and accountability to the company mission?
  • Ensuring all training and people development initiatives are aligned to business goals and make our company a great place to work to drive employee retention

Facilitated by: Scott West, Vice President – Quality Management, Granite Construction

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Spotlights: Creating Tools & Frameworks to Move Your Company from Reactive to Proactive Decision Making


  • Promoting a culture of seeking the root cause of negative trends early and not allowing problems to escalate for more effective problem-solving across the organization: How can a supportive, transparent culture enhance visibility over issues?
  • Taking lessons from the manufacturing industry to identify the predictive metrics construction companies can be tracking to promote proactive decision making: What is the right amount of data that will be meaningful for the organization?
  • Exploring the tools and tracking technologies that can be used to start collecting leading metrics and how this can be justified to upper management to secure funding
  • Creating meaningful dashboards for your organization to promote buy-in to new data collection standards and disrupt traditional workflows

4:20 pm Integrating Data Silos to Improve Visibility Over Business Performance & Inform Strategic Decision Making

  • Jose Rivera Director of Operational Excellence , Stiles Construction
  • Seth Cheever Director of Operational Excellence, Stiles Construction


  • Mapping out the data currently being collected by your organization and using gap analysis to identify missing metrics that will be most useful for enhancing visibility of over business performance
  • Exploring how business intelligence platforms can draw together accurate trending data and integrate data from different projects and departments to inform proactive decision making
  • Translating data into decisions: Underlining best practices for reporting data to clearly communicate the right information to management and more effectively identify cross-departmental improvements

5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks: Taking Action

  • Steven Levy Senior Vice President - Operations , McCownGordon Construction

5:10 pm End of Day One